Herbal Ingredients

Green Tea Extract
(diuretic, antioxidant, headache reliever)

Dandelion Extract
(has positive effects on blood cholesterol and can help regulate glucose metabolism)

(nature's richest whole food source)

Ginesing (Siberian and Panax)
(stress reducer, improves reaction time and stamina)

Hawthorne Berry Extract
(protects and strengthens the heart)

Organic Ginger Powder
(pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, digestive aid)

Ma Huang
(increases energy, suppresses appetite)

Chromium Blend
(needed for metabolism of fat and cholesterol)

Supplement Facts

Suggested Use:
Two capsules twice a day, ½ hour before breakfast and lunch.

Each capsule contains:

Selenium (yeast digested) 50mcg
Vitamin B-12 60mcg
Vitamin B-6 5mg
Vitamin E 25mg
Magnesium Blend 36mg
Chromium Blend 60mcg
Potassium Chloride 10mg
Hawthorne (Standardized Extract) 30mg
Green Tea Extract 40mg
Spirulina (Algae) 70mg
Dandelion Extract (4 to 1) 25mg
Ma Huang (Ephedra Alkaloid) 10mg
Guarana Extract (20% Extract) 100mg
Siberian Ginseng (root) 45mg
Panax Ginseng (root) 54mg
Organic Ginger Powder (root) 60mg
Nettle (leaf) 10mg
Atlantic Kelp 20mg